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1. Vango Sizzle Single Induction Hob

PORTABLE DESIGN: Portable and compact design, making it suitable for camping, travel, or small kitchens. PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Offers precise temperature control for cooking a variety of dishes with accuracy. ENERGY EFFICIENT: Utilizes induction technology for efficient cooking that heats the cookware directly.


2. Amz Chef Double Induction Hob

DUAL COOKING ZONES: Features two separate induction cooking zones for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. TOUCH CONTROL PANEL: Equipped with a touch control panel for easy operation and adjustments. TIMER FUNCTION: Offers timer settings to schedule cooking durations and prevent overcooking.


3. VonShef Double Induction Hob

TWO INDUCTION ZONES: Provides two induction cooking zones with independent temperature and power controls. LED DISPLAY: Includes an LED display for clear visibility of settings and cooking status. OVERHEAT PROTECTION: Equipped with safety features like overheating protection for safe cooking.


4. electriQ Single Zone Portable Induction Hob

SINGLE COOKING ZONE: Offers a single cooking zone with adjustable power levels and temperature settings. PORTABLE: Portable design allows for easy placement and use in different locations. TIMER FUNCTION: Features a timer function for precise cooking durations and control.


5. Samsung NZ64K5747BK

VIRTUAL FLAME TECHNOLOGY: Features Virtual Flame Technology that provides a visual indication of heat levels. SLIDER CONTROL: Equipped with slider touch controls for precise adjustments and user-friendly operation. EASY CLEANING: Offers a smooth glass surface that's easy to clean after cooking.


6. Bosch PUE611BF1B

QUICKSTART FUNCTION: Includes a QuickStart function for faster cooking by automatically selecting the highest power level. DIRECTSELECT: Features DirectSelect touch controls for direct and easy selection of cooking zones and settings. BOOST FUNCTION: Offers a boost function for rapid heating and quicker cooking times.


7. Hisense I6433C

INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY: Utilizes induction technology for fast and efficient cooking that heats up quickly. EASY CLEAN: Features a smooth glass surface that's easy to clean and maintain. TOUCH CONTROL: Equipped with touch controls for easy adjustments and operation.


8. Samsung NZ64F3NM1AB

QUICK STOP FUNCTION: Offers a quick stop function for immediate shut-off of the cooking zone. RESIDUAL HEAT INDICATOR: Includes a residual heat indicator to prevent accidental burns after cooking. CHILD SAFETY LOCK: Equipped with a child safety lock to prevent unintentional adjustments.


9. Stoves ST H2H HIT601

HOB TIMER: Features a hob timer function for precise cooking durations and control. BOOST FUNCTION: Offers a boost function for rapid heating and faster cooking times. EASY CLEAN: Smooth surface and minimal crevices make for easy cleaning after cooking.


10. AEG IKE64450FB

BRIDGE FUNCTION: Offers a bridge function that combines two cooking zones for larger cookware. AUTOMATIC PAN RECOGNITION: Automatically detects the size of the cookware and adjusts the heating zone accordingly. STOP + GO FUNCTION: Includes a Stop + Go function to pause cooking and resume with the same settings.

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