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SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY: Offers image quality that's a clear step above any non-OLED TV. VERSATILE SIZE OPTIONS: Provides a bigger range of sizes, including a new 42-inch option. BEST-IN-CLASS GAMING FEATURES: Equipped with top-tier gaming features for an enhanced experience.


2. Sony XR-A95K

UNIQUE DESIGN: The Sony A95K boasts a distinctive design that allows the screen to sit right down at either the front or back of a full-width metal plate stand, offering a minimalist or industrial look based on preference. OUTSTANDING IMAGE QUALITY: The combination of Sony’s Cognitive XR processor and the new Quantum Dot OLED screen technology delivers arguably some of the most beautiful images seen from a consumer television. EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY: The A95K uses Acoustic Surface technology, where the TV’s screen doubles as its speakers, providing impressive audio output.


3. Samsung QN900B

ADVANCED IMAGE PROCESSING: The QN900B offers significant advancements in image processing, especially in backlighting accuracy, thanks to the updated Neo Quantum Processor with Shape Adaptive Light technology. BUILT-IN DOLBY ATMOS SUPPORT: The TV comes with built-in up-firing speakers that provide immersive Dolby Atmos audio, enhancing the overall sound experience. REDUCED LIGHT BLOOMING: The TV has drastically improved lighting accuracy, resulting in a significant reduction in light blooming from the previous year's model.


4. Samsung QN90C

MINI-LED BACKLIGHT: The QN90C features a mini-LED backlight, allowing the TV to deliver high brightness and more refined local dimming compared to standard QLED models with regular LED backlights. EXCELLENT GAMING FEATURES: The TV offers four 4K 120Hz-capable HDMI 2.1 ports for next-gen game consoles and a Gaming Hub that expands possibilities for gamers with cloud-based services including Xbox, Nvidia GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and more. IMPRESSIVE AUDIO PERFORMANCE: The QN90C has better than average audio for a TV, including an Object Tracking Sound Plus feature to enhance the directionality of effects in movie soundtracks and supports the Q-Symphony feature for pairing with select Samsung soundbars.


5. RCA Roku TV 32" Screen Smart TV

ROKU TV PLATFORM: The RCA Roku TV uses Roku's smart TV platform, providing a consistent and accessible experience with thousands of different streaming video services and apps. AFFORDABLE 4K TV: The RCA Roku TV is a very affordable 4K TV, offering accurate colors out of the box. SIMPLE INTERFACE: The Roku TV platform offers a user-friendly interface with a comprehensive set of streaming apps and features without the need for manufacturers to develop it themselves.


6. Toshiba UF3D 43 Inch Smart Fire TV

FIRE TV PLATFORM: The Toshiba 43UF3D is equipped with the widespread Fire TV platform, enhancing the smart TV experience. ALEXA VOICE REMOTE: Comes with an Alexa Voice Remote that offers a significant improvement over Toshiba’s previous voice control peripherals. PREMIUM HDR SUPPORT: Supports multiple HDR formats including HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision for enhanced picture quality.


7. Hisense 40 Inch FHD VIDAA Smart TV 40A4KTUK

VIDAA SMART PLATFORM: The Hisense 40A4KTUK is equipped with the VIDAA smart platform, offering a streamlined and user-friendly interface for accessing various streaming services. FULL HD DISPLAY: The TV provides a Full HD 1080P resolution, ensuring clear and detailed visuals for an enhanced viewing experience. HIGHLY RATED BY CUSTOMERS: The TV has received positive feedback from customers, especially for its price, picture quality, and ease of setup.


8. Amazon Fire TV 32-inch 2-Series 720p HD smart TV

AFFORDABLE PRICE: The TV is priced at $249 for the 40-inch model, but Prime members can get it for even less, making it a budget-friendly option. FIRE TV OS: The TV is equipped with the Fire TV OS, providing a comprehensive smart TV experience with access to various streaming services and apps. ALEXA VOICE REMOTE: Comes with an Alexa Voice Remote, enhancing the user experience with voice control capabilities.


9. Sony Bravia A90J TV 

SUPERIOR PICTURE QUALITY: The A90J offers exceptional picture quality, with performance in motion control, contrast, edge definition, and detail levels that stand out among 4K screens. INNOVATIVE AUDIO TECHNOLOGY: The TV utilizes the entire screen as a speaker through its Acoustic Surface Audio+ arrangement, delivering a more immersive sound experience. NEW GOOGLE TV INTERFACE: The A90J features a new Google TV interface, providing a user-friendly experience for accessing various streaming services and apps.


10. TCL 65P639K 65-inch 4K Smart TV

4K RESOLUTION WITH HDR: The TCL 65P639K offers 4K resolution, ensuring sharper details and more vibrant colors. It also features HDR technology, enhancing the contrast and brightness for a more realistic image. BUILT-IN SMART FEATURES: This TV comes with built-in smart features, allowing users to access popular streaming services and apps directly. It also boasts voice control capabilities for convenient content searching and TV control. SLEEK DESIGN WITH ADJUSTABLE STAND: The TV showcases a sleek and modern design, complemented by its adjustable stand that can be set higher or lower relative to the TV, accommodating soundbars without obstructing the screen.

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