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1. Ninja 9-in-1 Multicooker OP350UK

VERSATILITY: Offers nine cooking functions in one appliance, from pressure cooking to slow cooking. PRECISION CONTROL: Provides precise temperature and time settings for various recipes. EASY CLEANING: Features a non-stick cooking pot for easy cleaning.


2. Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker

SEAR FUNCTION: Allows you to sear ingredients in the same pot before slow cooking. GENEROUS CAPACITY: Provides ample capacity for cooking larger meals. SIMPLE OPERATION: Offers straightforward controls for ease of use.


3. Swan 6.5L Retro Slow Cooker

RETRO DESIGN: Showcases a stylish retro design that adds charm to your kitchen. LARGE CAPACITY: Provides a spacious 6.5-liter capacity for family-sized meals. KEEP WARM FUNCTION: Includes a keep-warm feature to maintain food temperature.


4. Russell Hobbs 28270 Good-to-Go Multicooker

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Functions as a versatile multicooker, suitable for various cooking styles. PORTABLE DESIGN: Features a carry handle for easy transportation. TIME-SAVING: Reduces cooking time and effort with convenient cooking options.


5. Crock-Pot Lift and Serve Digital Slow Cooker

DIGITAL CONTROLS: Features digital controls for precise time and temperature settings. SERVING LIFT: Designed with a hinged lid that makes serving easier and less messy. VERSATILE USE: Suitable for slow cooking a wide range of recipes.


6. Daewoo Slow Cooker

SIMPLE DESIGN: Offers a straightforward slow cooker design for ease of use. GENEROUS CAPACITY: Provides ample space for preparing large batches of food. AFFORDABLE OPTION: Budget-friendly choice for slow cooking enthusiasts.


7. Morphy Richards Easy Time

EASY-TO-USE CONTROLS: Features user-friendly controls for simple operation. TIMER FUNCTION: Includes a timer for convenient delayed cooking. AUTOMATIC KEEP WARM: Keeps your meal warm until you're ready to serve.


8. Swan Retro 3.5L Slow Cooker

RETRO APPEARANCE: Showcases a retro-style design that adds a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen. COMPACT SIZE: Ideal for smaller kitchens or cooking for two. EFFICIENT SLOW COOKING: Slow-cooks food to perfection with minimal effort.


9. Crockpot Slow Cooker

RELIABLE PERFORMANCE: Known for its reliable and consistent slow cooking results. SIMPLE OPERATION: Features straightforward controls for easy use. VARIETY OF SIZES: Available in various sizes to suit your cooking needs.


10. Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Multi-Cooker OP500UK

MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Offers nine cooking functions, including pressure cooking and air frying. PRECISION COOKING: Provides precise temperature and time settings for various recipes. VERSATILE COOKING: Versatility to prepare a wide range of dishes in one appliance.

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